Saturday, March 6, 2010

An invitation

This week I was shanghaied cordially invited to attend a fancy-schmancy dinner party for women who are discerning religious life.

Or, as my friend Corrie immediately corrected me, panic in her voice, "women open to discerning religious life."

Whew. That' s a little less scary.

But we get to spend an evening with our rockstar bishop! And several friends are going with me. If nothing else, it will be a good time wherein we all enjoy some lovely food and wine with our diocesan Shepherd and might even collect good stories to share at each other's weddings someday.

Or, each other's vow professions someday.

Last night Matthew Kelly* reminded me that saying "I just want God's will" is a cop-out.

God gave you the ability to dream and act on those dreams.

So what do I want? God's will, certainly, but that's too esoteric a concept. I want my will... and I don't even know what that is. Ideally, through prayer and acts of service and growth toward holiness my will will become more aligned to God's will, insofar that "wanting to do God's will" is no longer a cop-out but a joyful embrace of what He knows is best for me.

*speaking of Matthew Kelly, I enjoyed the books of his that I've read, but I wasn't actually too impressed with his in-person presentation. Perhaps more on that later.