Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Friday, Friday....

Whoa, my blogging has really lapsed. Here's an attempt to get back on the bandwagon!
Thanks to Jen, our weekly hostess!

Like everyone else who's read/reviewed it, I *adored* Brandon Vogt's new book The Church and New Media. I wrote a full review for our diocesan young adult newsletter, which I may post later, but here's the short version: it's excellent. Not only were all the contributers' essays great, but Brandon added great supplementary content too, including a glossary of Web 2.0 terms and a list of online resources. I wish everyone in Church leadership would read New Media, especially Marcel LeJeune's excellent piece on young adult ministry and the Internet.

In more news of fabulous young Catholics, Marc Barnes of the Bad Catholic Blog is making me chuckle a lot these days. For someone who's only 18, this kid has got spunk, insight, and wit.

I've finally been let into the beta group for Pottermore. It's awesome. I haven't done my Sorting yet though, since I'm waiting for a few friends to catch up so we can all Sort together. Very excited to see what House I'll get. I've fancied myself a Ravenclaw almost my whole Potter-reading life, but many friends have predicted Hufflepuff for me. I'll soon find out!

Next on my to-read list is Matt Swain's Prayer in the Digital Age. I quickly tore through the first two chapters before pulling myself back to work, but they were great chapters! Looking forward to the rest of it.

My sister Katie is in France! She left on Tuesday night and is all settled with her host family in Paris. It's odd to think that I won't see her again until Christmas; usually I visit her at school at least twice a month. I miss her already, but she will love her study abroad!

Our high school youth ministry leaders are going on retreat this weekend. I'm very excited for them; we are meeting up with youth from other parishes around the diocese to do some leadership and team building as well as lots of prayer time. I'm giving a talk about discipleship and the centrality of the Eucharist. I'm not nervous about it, but I do need to pray more to prepare!


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La Chanteuse said...

Yay I got a shout out!!! I miss you, too. We should skype!! Being in France is pretty difficult... the language is really throwing me for a loop since they talk SO FAST. Hopefully after this week it will get easier - I start the language intensive classes in a few minutes. <3