Friday, July 1, 2011

7 (Very) Quick Takes!

I'm leaving for Florida in eight days and have 4,189 things to do so these will be brief!

I'll be in Florida, naturally, for the the largest Harry Potter fan convention in history. Yes, I go to those. Yes, I'm one of "those people." And I love it. 3,500 fans altogether at the theme park for the final film release? Yes!

While at the convention I'll be insanely busy with two shows. For one of them I'm the costume designer and a cast member, and for the other I'm just the costume designer. I have about 19 costumes to finish this week. Much better than last year, when I was much farther behind schedule and barely slept for 2 weeks in order to get everything done.

It's ridiculously hot today, pushing 100 degrees, which is quite unusual for northeast Wisconsin. Ugh. I hate paying for air conditioning, but I think I must just have to suck it up this time.

Had a wonderful afternoon today; three friends and I had a nice picnic lunch on the beach at our local lake and chatted about theology for a few hours. I'm curious to know what the people in the next group over thought as we discussed the inherent contradictions in consubstantiation vs. transubstantiation.

I bought a swimsuit! I hate swimsuit shopping because it's almost impossible to find something that is cute, feminine, not-old-lady-ish, modest, and affordable. I've been drooling over this suit from Jen Clothing for a while, but just couldn't justify spending over $100 on a swimsuit. But I found this one instead, and it was on sale for less than $20! I'm thrilled!!

Today my dad bought plane tickets for our upcoming family trip to Paris at Christmas!! I've never been out of the country, and I'm quite thrilled my sister is studying abroad, something I never had the chance to do in college. Christmas midnight Mass at Notre Dame? Yes please!

It's Canada Day, and the Feast of the Sacred Heart!

That's it! Thanks to Jen for hosting!